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Akwaba!  Pre-order your Bantoo Pay Mastercard, for pick-up or direct delivery in Côte d'Ivoire. 
  • Easy payments around the world

  • Fast access to your funds

  • No annual fees



Enjoy the many benefits of your Bantoo Pay Mastercard.

Easy Payments

Pay in-store. Buy online. Withdraw cash. 

Accepted in 210 countries at over 37 million establishments around the world.

Save Money

Forget about costly currency exchanges; spend freely wherever you are.

Money remittance at very low costs, directly from your phone.

Flexible Usage

Easily top-up your balance via agents, mobile money, and multiple payment methods.

Retrieve cash in ATMs - 1 million ATMs available around the world.

Fast Access to Funds

Free IBAN number to receive international money transfers.

Link the card with your eWallet.

Make payments directly on your mobile device.

Enhanced Security

Keep your money safe, protected by your personal PIN.

Protect your finances with robust security features and avoid the pitfalls of cash.

Infinite Opportunities

Value-adding services for free.

Empower and start monetizing on your talent.

Win prizes and participate in competitions for free.


Order your new Bantoo Pay Mastercard

  • Pre-order your card online and request direct delivery.

  • Pre-order your card online and pick up at a Serfin agency.

  • Buy your card directly at one of the 3,500 Serfin agencies.


  • The online price is 10,000 CFA (XOF) or 17 USD.

  • The price at agencies is communicated at the point of sales. 


  • 3 years

  • No yearly fee



Enter your details to pre-order a card online. We will contact you with information about direct delivery within Côte d'Ivoire or where you can pick-up your new Bantoo Pay Mastercard.
NOTE that you must show your valid ID-card or passport upon delivery of the card.
Last name First name Telephone number E-mail Date of birth Country of Birth Country of Residence Profession Address City Type of identification Identification number Date of issue Expiry date By submitting this information, I hereby accept the terms and conditions of Bantoo Pay and Mastercard and declare that the information provided in this form is accurate and complete. I confirm that any information is found incorrect and/or incomplete that leads a violation of regulations may initiate legal actions, and I accept that I am the responsible party for any and all charges, penalties and violations. Submit


Get to learn the different features of your Bantoo Pay Mastercard.

Chip technology

Strong security

The chip on the card provides increased data security and protects users from fraud. Your card is protected by your personal PIN code.


Contactless system

The contactless payment system makes payments easy and quick. Checkouts with the contactless icon allow you to pay with a quick tap of the card.

QR code technology


Pay or get paid by scanning a QR code in the Bantoo Pay app. Payment details are automatically entered to streamline the checkout process.


Reliable access

If a card terminal doesn’t accept chip cards or contactless payments, you can still swipe your card and pay through the magnetic strip.   


Easy recharge

Top-up your card in the way that suits you - via agent, via mobile money or via over 35 different online payment methods.   

Bantoo Pay app


Link your card to your eWallet via the app, where you can monitor all transactions, make and receive payments and top-up your balance.


Learn more about Bantoo Pay and the services that are offered to individuals and compenies. 


Bantoo Pay represents the new generation of financial services, and has been developed to make Bantoo Pay users financially stronger and more independent. Our brand is guided by the following principles:


Bantoo Pay combines innovation and new technologies with adapted implementation methods, tailored to specific local contexts, to create disruptive and breakthrough progress.


Bantoo Pay works to guide the Bantoo audiences to use digital solutions to enhance their talents for career advancement, monetisation and financial growth.


Bantoo Pay provides customized methods for users to progress and build growth in the way that suits them. Bantoo Pay is developed to be a door opener to new opportunities.

Frequently asked questions


How do I activate my Bantoo Pay Mastercard?

As soon as you receive your pre-paid Bantoo Pay Mastercard, it is activated and ready to use. No activation procedure is required.

How can I top-up my balance and add money?

You can recharge your balance via mobile money and 36 different online payment methods in the free Bantoo Pay app. You can also recharge your card at Serfin agencies.

What is a PIN code?

You will receive 2 personal codes with your new Bantoo Pay Mastercard. The PIN code (Personal Identification Code) is used when making a payment with the card, or when retrieving cash in an ATM machine.

When do I need the internet code?

You will receive 2 personal codes with your new Bantoo Pay Mastercard. The internet code is used for for tracking your card transactions online, via the link

Why is it important to keep the PIN codes safe?

Your PIN codes are the keys to accessing your funds, which is why it’s very important to keep your PIN codes safe and not together with the card. Keep your money safe and never share your codes with others.

How do I keep track of my transactions?

Each time a transaction is made with your Bantoo Pay Mastercard, you will automatically receive an SMS with the transaction details. The SMS information allows you to always keep track of your funds. You can also login via the Bantoo Pay mobile app to have a clear and transparent overview of your transactions.

What can I do if I loose my card?

Please contact our Customer Service If you loose your card, or if you need to replace your card. Telephone number: +225 05 94 89 80 80 Email: In the event of replacement, the balance of your previous card is transferred to your new card.

What's a chip card?

Bantoo Pay Mastercard is a chip card, which is like a traditional magnetic stripe card, but it has an embedded microchip which encrypts your information, making it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. The microchip provides robust security features and is virtually impossible to counterfeit.



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